Jiva Gentle Start

For many people, the idea of beginning a fitness program can be scary. What if I get there and can’t keep up? What if I hurt myself? I might humiliate myself because I don’t know how to do lots of those things? What if it hurts? It's because of these feelings that we created our Gentle Start program. Jiva Gentle Start is a 4-week program that meets twice per week for 45 minutes, designed to eliminate the fear and anxiety of beginning your health and fitness journey all for only $84. New Sessions begin each month:

Session 1 will be held at 10am Mondays and Wednesdays

Session 2 will be held at 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 

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Choose To Change

The Jiva Fitness Choose to Change program is a 12-week wellness program that meets once each for 90 minutes. In these meetings, participants will learn how to eat healthier, lose weight, manage stress, and how to incorporate physical fitness into your lifestyle. Part of each session will be dedicated to trying various fitness styles which allows you to find the activities that most suits you.

The program begins and ends with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment so you will have more than just scale weight to judge your success. While significant health and wellness changes can be made within the 12 weeks, Choose to Change is meant to create new habits and start you on a healthier path for the rest of your life.

Along with the 12 ninety minute sessions, the program also includes:

• Unlimited Group Fitness classes through the duration of the program (a $207 value)

• 2 one hour health and fitness assessments which includes resting heart rate and blood pressure, body weight, circumferences, ultrasound body composition, cardiovascular, strength, power, and flexibility evaluations (a $150 value)

• A Facebook Choose to Change group support page monitored by your wellness coach

• A hardcopy of the weekly lessons for future reference

*Start date for Choose to Change is to be announced.

Jiva Fitness Programs

Jiva Fitness offers programs to start people on their way to better health and fitness. These options are perfect for those with no experience with exercise, or those wanting to start again after being away from it. Both programs will help you navigate through the endless information, good and bad, that is available to the public. See the descriptions below to see if Jiva Gentle Start or Choose To Change is right for you.